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What is a wiki

A wiki is a website where registered members can create and edit pages that contain information regarding a particular topic.

The wiki keeps track of recent changes and new pages. It offers the possibility to revert modifications if they are considered wrong.

The navigation menu on the left regroups the main pages and the content of interest. Please note that if you wish to add a page to the navigation menu, you can contact the support at [/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#9eedebeeeef1eceadeeaf6fbaea9f5b0e9f7f5f7 [email protected]] or any admin/moderator of The 07K Project group.

The main advantage of a wiki is its ability to make links between other pages. References are a powerful tool that helps readers to find the information they need. We invite you to use this powerful feature.

Creating a page

You might be looking to create a new page if the topic has not been covered on the wiki. There are multiples ways to create a new page, here are the easiest ones:

Using the search bar

You can search the page with the search bar. If the page does not exist, the wiki will propose you the option to create it.

Search bar.png

Search create page.png

By clicking on the red link, this will create your new page and you can start editing it.

Using the URL system

To create a new page, you can also use the url system. (An URL is the address of a web resource, in our case, it would be a page address)

For example, if you wish to create a new page called "My new page", you can simply access this URL :

Url create page.png

( new page)

If My new page does not exist, it will be created and you can then start editing it.

Clicking on any red link

A red link means the link leads to a page that does not yet exist. If you click on the link, it will create the page and you can start editing it. A red link can occur when a member creates a page and references to page/topic that has not been documented. Other fellow members can then click on the red link to create and complete those topics.

Here is an example of a red link:

Red link.png

In this instance, the page refers to another page called "Emulator", a page that has not been documented yet, but any member can decide to create it by clicking on the link.

Editing a page

You need to be registered and logged in to edit a page

Simply access the page you wish to edit, click on Actions -> Edit

Edit page.png

Saving you modifications

Save changes.png

View old revision of a page

The wiki keeps track of every revisions for each page. Simply access the page of interest, click on Actions -> View History


Old revision.png

Uploading a file

To upload a file click on Tools -> Upload file

Upload file.png

For a list of all the uploaded file you can consult : Special:ListFiles

Linking a file on a page

Once you uploaded you file, take note of the file name (it starts with File:):

File name.png

While in the page editor, click on this icon to add a link :

Link icon.png

This will open a window, simply input your file name and it will add the link to your file:

Add a link window.png

Need more help ?

Our wiki runs on MediaWiki, the same wiki system as Wikipedia. You can consult their help page if you seek more information on how to use the wiki : MediaWiki help page