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Valve covers


LPSFAB valve cover.png

JAAAT Engineering

JAAAT Valve cover.png

IE Engineering

IE Valve cover.jpg


Iabed valve cover.jpg

Iabed valve cover 2.png


I5garage Valve Cover.png

SPA Performance

SPA valve cover.png



They offer multiples cam profile setup for hydraulic lifter (stock) or for solid lifter conversion


Valve spring and retainer set

IE Engineering

IE Valve spring set.png


SuperTech valve spring.png



Ferrea offers standard size and oversized size in super allow or stainless steel.

Ferrea valves.png

Solid lifter

Running the stock hydraulic lifters with a shim is fine up to ~8500 rpm. Above that and / or for motorsport application, solid lifters are required.

CasteSystems Performance


Intake manifold

The stock intake manifold is designed to produce low-end torque to the detriment of high end torque, this give better acceleration and fuel economy for the general consumer.

Aftermarket intake manifold with their shorter runner, their bigger plenum and their flow design changes the torque curve allowing for more top-end power while loosing low-end torque.

If you are interested in the science behind runner length, this article is a good start : AutoZine : Intake and Exhaust

IE Engineering

For transversal application

One of the most efficient intake design for top-end power especially on turbo applications.

Althought, it's been reported on newer revisions that the rivet holding the logo plate could be causing small boost leaks.

IE intake manifold.png

C2 Motorsport

For transversal application

C2 intake manifold.png


For transversal application

HEP-UnitedMotorsport Intake Manifold.png

SPA Performance

For transversal application Works with hydraulic power steering

SPA Manifold.png

JAAATT Engineering

For transversal application

While it's not an intake manifold, this billet runners give you the possibility to mount a RS3 / TT-RS plenum on a VW 07K

Jaaatt runner.png


For longitudinal application

Lpsfab intake manifold.png

Boost Brothers Garage (nine x engineering)

For longitudinal application (has been designed for Porsche 944)

Boost brothers garage intake manifold.png

Phenolic Intake gasket

Limit heat transfer from the cylinder head to the intake manifold. Recommended when using an aftermarket aluminium intake manifold.



Exhaust flange



Exhaust manifold

Turbo application

JDL Auto Design

No longer in production

Jdl exhaust manifold.jpg

Designed for longitudinal application

Race3 manifold.jpg