Original Files

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Always use files that match your part number, make backups and ensure the file have the proper size for your ECU

Here you will find a collection of clean / untuned files that you might use to retrieve a bricked ecu or simply to start fresh with a compatible definition file

If you want to share a tuned file, we invite you to use the proper section: Tuned Files

You can find instructions on how to flash the file over here : Reading and writing ECU

When sharing files, we recommend contributors to include the following (if possible):

  • Part and software number in the filename
  • Immobilizer status [1]
  • Auto or manual

Bosch ME7.1.1

07K 906 032 T

Bosch ME 17.5

07K 906 055 AJ

07K 906 055 Q

07K 906 055 CS

File:07K906055CS 5853.bin

File request

You can add the file you are seeking to this list:

  1. Immobilizer on ME17.5 can be removed on flash memory, without editing EEPROM